For Maximum Success In The 21st Century,
You Need A Whole New Set Of Tools
"Whatever made you successful in the 20th Century
WON'T in the 21st."

Does Your Organization Have These Challenges?

  • Feeling frayed by constant change?
  • Sales and income are down while your stresses are up?
  • Is everyone on your team not pulling in the same direction?
  • Do customer demands seem increasingly unreasonable?
  • Do you need to plan for the future but don't have time?
  • Does all the deluge of information coming at you seem overwhelming?
  • Join the club. These are every leader’s challenges today.
  • And now there is an amazing new answer . . . unlike anything you have ever heard of before.

Codynamics: The New Answer for the New Century

Codynamics will give you relief from these problems and many others. Codynamics provides seven major, bottom-line benefits which any organization can enjoy:

1. People are more energized and productive.
2. Diverse teams produce innovations and improvements.
3. Everyone is informed and makes better decisions.
4. The organization adapts rapidly to the changing environment.
5. Plans and goals are realistic and achieved.
6. Leaders are less stressed, while staff develops more.
7. Income, productivity and resilience increase.

What Is Codynamics Anyway?

Codynamics is a special name for the practical, dynamic applications of Complexity science. Complexity science is very new, having been developed only in the last 10 years or so. Outside of the sciences, most people have never even heard of it. Only recently have business, government and nonprofit organizations learned to attain and enjoy the tremendous benefits it offers. Some of these organizations discovered it themselves. Others were introduced to it by facilitators like LAWRIMORE, who invented the name Codynamics and specializes in practical applications anyone can use. Codynamics means "power together" and is more user-friendly than "Complexity." The word "Codynamics" stresses the dynamic, interactive nature of these powerful methods and systems. We developed this website to tell people like you about this exciting discovery and how it can help your organization.

Anyone who experiences and comes to understand the benefits of Codynamics or Complexity science is forever transformed. Once you learn this new way of thinking and working, you will never go back to old 19th and 20th Century ways.

A New Century - A New World Of Challenges

The turn of the century, from the 20th to the 21st, was more than a calendar event. It also marked the official end of the Industrial Age, which actually began dying in the 1980s with personal computers, and breathed its last gasp as millions of people connected via the Internet in the latter 1990s. The fast-paced, give-it-to-me-now, overwhelming, continuously changing Information Age is here, like it or not.

Unfortunately nearly all of us, nearly all our organizations, institutions and work habits, are still stuck back in the 20th Century. Our thinking is constrained by the Industrial Age mindset. We want things to be like they were. We want things to be stable and predictable. We want to be able to plan for the future. Leaders want to feel in control and make significant decisions. But that is Industrial Age thinking. Up until now, we didn’t know there was any other way to think – or work.

This problem has bothered a lot of people. And before the end of the ‘90s, some really bright leaders could see the handwriting on the wall and were looking hard, real hard, for some new answers, a new approach, that would work – does work – in the Information Age. An approach that could run with all that constant change, keep people energized and moving in the same direction, thrilling customers, rolling out new innovations one after another, racking up increasing income, and enjoying continuous success.

Many of these practical applications like the 7 benefits are unique to Codynamics. This is a polite way of saying that most of what you can find to read about Complexity science is rather abstract and impractical unless you are a scientist. If you want to learn about Complexity science, we provide a short introduction on this website. If you want to learn about practical applications you can use, this is THE place to do that.

Learn More About the Benefits and Uses of Codynamics and Complexity Science

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